Pastor & Wife

Bishop Dr. William L. Harris Sr. is the pastor and founder of Victory Tabernacle Apostolic Faith Church in Indianapolis, IN. He has faithfully pastored for 31 years and has been married to Linda R. Harris for 50+ years. To this union were born four beautiful children. Bishop Harris obtained his Doctorate of Divinity from the Muskegon Bible Institute. He is an anointed teacher and counselor whose experiences and knowledge have presented him with opportunities to teach bible classes, marriage seminars and singles’ seminars, in churches, high schools, colleges and conferences throughout the United States.

Linda R. Harris is the First Lady of Victory Tabernacle of the Apostolic Faith Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has been married to Bishop Williams L. Harris, Sr. for 50+ years, and together they have raised their four children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. She is the chairperson of the Women’s Auxiliary at Victory Tabernacle and author of the book, “Who’s That Lady”.  Linda Harris is gifted to teach and has been used greatly by the Lord in ministering to women throughout this state and in many places throughout this country. Her teachings at conventions, conferences, and churches have helped equip women of God meet the daily challenges they face in this life.


To build a dynamic, multi-cultural church through discipleship in accordance with the Apostolic doctrine.

To be a spiritual filling station, filling the unsaved, broken and hurting with power and understanding that will lead them into a life of hope and restoration.

To be a training center, preparing Christians and equipping them to evangelize our state, to minister to the nation and inspire the world.


In 1982 the Lord spoke to Bishop William L. Harris Sr. to go out and began a work for the Lord in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. After hearing the call of God, he began to teach bible class in an apartment living room. The Bible classes began to grow, so Bishop Harris began to seek direction from God to show him the next step. It was at this time that God gave Bishop Harris the name for the church, which was “Victory Tabernacle of the Apostolic Faith”.

The Lord directed him to a storefront at 16th and Alabama. It was one room but God did great things in that room. Every week soul were being saved and delivered. It was evident the Lord was on his side.

The Lord was blessing and the devil was messing with us. People began to laugh at us because we were in a store front and it was next to a bar. But God was on our side. The scripture says in Romans 8:31 “…if God be for us, who can be against us”.

Through many test, trails and sacrifices, the Lord saw fit to bestow blessings and miracles upon the saints of God. The power of god was so great in that little store front, that the power of would fall on people as they sit in their seats.

By 1986, the building on 16th and Alabama was filled to capacity. The saints began to pray for a bigger place to worship. Bishop Harris was told of a place at 2056 E. 32nd street. Bishop Harris, First Lady Harris and Elder Williams went to look at the building. The building needed a lot of repair. God lead Bishop to purchase the building. As soon as he purchased the building, God began to send help to repair the building. He sent a licensed contractor, a drywall finisher, a roofer and more brothers to help with the repairing of the building. Is there anything too hard for God? No! The Church began to grow both spiritually and financially. We needed to find a bigger place again. To God Be The Glory! Praise God!

We believe in Miracles at Victory! In 1997, with God leading the way, we purchased the former Friendship Baptist Church at 761 N. Sheffield in the Haughville area. Since being at this location, Victory Tabernacle has been committed to reaching out to souls and continue to progress. Victory Tabernacle realizes that without the direction and the hand of God being upon us, none of these blessing would have been possible.

“Having therefore obtained help from God we continue unto this day” Acts 26:22.

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