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Who’s That Lady? The Preacher’s Wife
By First Lady Linda R. Harris

Read how God has turned first ladies’ weaknesses into remarkable strengths. Here is a book that goes beyond just talking about daily challenges to helping you learn from others’ experiences and mistakes. Many women struggle to claim their identity and self-worth, and this affects their relationship with God and their husbands. Only after she finds out who she really is and what her role is in being a pastor’s wife can she function in her office as a First Lady. Order your copy HERE



Marriage: What’s Love Got To Do With It?
By First Lady Linda R. Harris

Although feelings can be so strong and demanding in our marriage we don’t have to let them rule our lives. We can learn to control our emotions toward one another.

In this book you will learn that communication is the key. Nobody is born a natural communicator, it’s like riding a bike or rowing a boat, communication is a skill and it takes time. By asking God to bring healing and growth to your relationship and listening to one another you can gain a lasting marriage. Order your copy HERE



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